What Is Soccer – Essential and Basic Facts You Need To Know

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What Is Soccer – Essential and Basic Facts You Need To Know

The game of soccer, or more widely referred to as football outside the United States, has continuously been one of the most famous sports all throughout the world. It has a colorful and very long history, which dates back for many centuries. Soccer is played everywhere and by individuals of all ages. It can be played by young kids, college students and of course, by professionals. There are various weekend warriors and amateur clubs that add up to the passion and excitement that rises up every four years. Every four years marks the start of the World Cup – one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.


What are some of the rules and premises of soccer?

The game of soccer primarily focuses on the pursuit to score goals. Opposing teams transport the ball up and down the field and attempting to kick it within the intended goal. The goal is a framework which is roughly measured at 24 feet in width and 8 feet in height – this is the measurement of the goal at the professional standard. There is a player who vigilantly guards the goal and that player is called the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only player within the team who is typically allowed to touch and hold the ball with his hands. Excluding the throw-in, no other players are allowed to use their hands. They are only permitted to use their knees, feet, chest, and head in order to control, manipulate and advance the ball. The regulation game is played within two forty-five minute halves.


Who are the players and what are the boundaries?

As mentioned, soccer can be played by everyone from all-walks of life and from different age groups. However, there are only a specific number of people allowed on the field for each team when playing. Only eleven players, which include the goalkeeper, are permitted on the field for each team at one time. Players are required to keep the ball in play within a rectangular field. The field is roughly measured to be between 50 to 100 yards in width and 100 to 130 yards in length. The builders and creators of a stadium or a field is the one who determines the final dimensions of their facility. It depends on the style of game – this means that a field which is smaller is more advantageous to technical compared to fast players. It also depends on the attendance capacity that they want to have and how close they want the fans to the players and the field.



There are different types of kicks in soccer. Some of these are:

  • Penalty Kicks. Penalties and fouls which are committed by one team could lead to penalty kicks for the opposite team. This happens when a foul is being committed within the penalty area – that is anywhere within 18 yards and in originating from the goal line. The player suffering the foul will be asked to receive a penalty kick. A penalty kick entails that the ball is positioned 12 yards away from the goal line and the player who fouled has to only face the goalkeeper and kick. This is a very unique opportunity to score a goal.


  • Free Kicks. A free kick is given when there is a foul committed. This typically happens when a player pushes or trips an opponent within the penalty area. Unlike the penalty kick, a free kick does not entail a one-on-one against the goalkeeper. Instead, the other team can line up its players up to no closer than 10 yards away from the ball. If the referee deems that the free kick must be a direct free kick, the player who is taking the free kick is permitted to kick the ball towards the goal without needing to let it touch another player first. On the other hand, an indirect free kick entails that the ball must first touch another player before going into the goal. The kind of free kick is decided upon the nature of the foul.


These are just some of the most relevant facts about soccer that you must know. Whether you are just playing it for fun or as a professional, it is important to always keep these facts in mind in order to have a good time!