The Wonders Of Modern Technology And Its Impact On The World Of Soccer

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The Wonders Of Modern Technology And Its Impact On The World Of Soccer

Soccer is definitely a beloved sport all throughout the world. However, the struggle to be successful in this very competitive field has driven many players and coaches to search for ways to better themselves and their teams. They look for the best training regiments, and look for the most topnotch equipment. After all, finding that little bit of extra can make the difference between failure and success. Because of this, players, coaches and even fans are always enthusiastic to see new and different ways where technology can help enhance the sport. Read on and find out how technology is helping the game of soccer advance to a whole new level. Also, find out how technology is endorsing both player comfort and performance.


  • Technology found in uniforms. Wearable technology and gadgets in soccer is now no longer limited to fitness trackers. Nowadays, there are even some shirts which contain sensors which can track player information. It also helps the player stay comfortable throughout the match. For instance, in the 2014 world soccer tournament, manufacturers of soccer uniforms optimized the shirts for the humid and warm weather condition in Brazil. This optimization enabled the players to stay dry and cool during their matches that influenced and helped their overall performance and stamina.
  • 10269800Cleats and shin guards. Advancements in shin guards and cleats are now available too. Compression-fit fabric and athletic taping now function to micro-massage the muscles of players. This helps prevent too much vibration and it also helps promote energy supply and muscle health. This is very essential in the calf muscle which is heavily used in soccer players. Shin guards are now also enhanced with sensors – this allows the coaches and players to gather data and analyze overall performance.
  • Analysis of player performance. An analysis of the performance of a player even during matches is now possible thanks to the various wearable technologies out in the market. For instance, some coaches use heart rate monitors and the Adidas miCoachSpeed_Cell on their players. The Adidas miCoachSpeed_Cell can be clipped onto the shoelaces or some other compatible Adidas shoe of the player. It measures distance, rate of strides, speed, maximum speed, and game time. Coaches then take these gathered data and analyze it. With the results of the analysis, the coaches then structure ways to improve the performance of their players in areas which needs improvement.liverpool-triangles
  • Improvement of soccer balls. The soccer ball itself has gradually garnered more and more attention from fans all throughout the world. In fact in the world soccer tournament held in Brazil last 2014, the soccer balls were equipped with GoalControl technology. This new technology helps the referees determine whether or not the ball has totally crossed the goal line. However, that is not where the innovation ends. Although it is not used in soccer tournaments, there are some soccer balls which can measure trajectory and impact. These balls are fortified with internal sensors and it can send feedback to a compatible app through Bluetooth® technology. The accumulated data can help players improve their skills. Additionally, another app that can be used by both casual and professional players is BallTune. This technology analyzes the bounce of the soccer ball in order to compute pressure. Through this technology, there is no longer any need to penetrate the ball with a pressure gauge. BallTune helps you to find the ideal inflation level and pressure for maximum game play.

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Technology is really changing the way soccer can be watched and played. With the help of our modern technology, overall athletic performance can be improved. Modern technology also brings the competition to a whole new level.