History of Soccer

The Colorful and Interesting History of Soccer

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The Colorful and Interesting History of Soccer

Football, also called soccer in some countries, is one of the most famous sports in the Americas and in Europe. It has a very interesting history in the 4-soccer-historysports world. Initial evidence of soccer being played as a sport first occurred in China within the second and third centuries BC. It was during the Han dynasty in China, where individuals dribbled balls made of leather by kicking it towards a small net. At the time, they did not call it soccer, but instead, it was a Chinese game called cuju. Two to ten players played typically played the game. In cuju, the players were permitted to touch the ball with any of their body parts except their hands. Documentations also support the fact that the Greeks and Romans also played ball for some frolic and fun. There is also some evidence that kicking balls was a popular sport in Kyoto, Japan.

Research says that the primary growth of what is now known as modern soccer started in England. Some humorous facts, even mention that the first ball that was used was the head of a particular Danish brigand. It is stated that during the medieval times, many ill practices were allowed in the old form of soccer. These practices included punching, kicking, gouging and even biting. The main aim, however, remained the same – to carry the ball to the intended spot. In fact, people were so fond of the game that sometimes, they would stay in the fields throughout the entire day. Although, there were times when the competition grew so aggressive and the masses got so unruly that during the games, there were many incidents of violence. It is even documented that some soldiers revered the game so much that they intentionally missed their archery practices just to watch it.


In fact, due to the growing occurrences of violence and military indulgence in the sport, King Edward III decided to ban it. This was back in 1365. In 1424, King James I of Scotland also declared, “Na man play at the Fute-ball” which means No Man Shall Play Football, in the parliament.Soccer - Friendly - England v Hungary - Wembley Stadium In fact, any individuals who got caught playing soccer during these times were thrown into prison. However, the game continued to flourish and the fear of imprisonment did not stop the masses from playing something they clearly loved and adored.

Despite the fact that the official and formal rules of soccer were found in England, the question when and where did soccer exactly start does not really have an exact answer to it. However, despite the fact that it was banned for a long time by the monarchs, the game continued to flourish. It has a rich and very long history which extends for more than three thousand years back. However, majority of researchers agree that the nativity of the popular modern-day soccer must be attributed to Britain. Some people might also know soccer as the association football. Both England and Scotland are considered as the co-founders of the organized game of soccer.

Soccer - Friendly - England v Hungary - Wembley Stadium

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