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5 Interesting Facts About Soccer

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5 Interesting Facts About Soccer

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Do you enjoy playing soccer? If you do, then you surely have memorized every rule and kept in mind every technique that could possibly make you a better soccer player. Naturally, you would also have your favorite soccer teams and your personal beloved soccer players. However, aside from memorizing the rules, learning every technique you can, and following your favorite teams and players, surely there are still some things, which you do not know about soccer. Here are some facts, which you might find interesting. Read on and enrich yourself with more knowledge about your favorite sport.


Where did the term soccer come from?

The term soccer comes from an abbreviation of the words association football. During the 1880s, some students at Oxford University abbreviated words through adding “er” at the end of words. For instance, they called breakfast as brekkers, and they even termed rugby as ruggers. In fact, an Oxford student named Charles WrefordBrown, is frequently credited for inventing the term soccer, however there is not enough evidence to support these claims.

Where did the phrase “score a goal” originate from?

In the past, small marks were created on the goal post in order to keep track of the goals of the team. This means that every time a goal was acknowledged, a small nick was done onto the post. So a goal was quite literally “scored” onto the post, therefore the phrase “to score a goal” was coined!


History of the soccer ball

Although this sounds gruesome, but did you know that the modern soccer ball may have first come from a human head? While there is no specific history as to how soccer balls came into existence, many variations and forms were documented all throughout history. In fact, one of the original documented ball forms was said to be made out of animal skin. This was from China way back around 250 BC. Some other historians and researchers have also documented balls made out of hides, clothes and even skulls. Up to this day, there are a wide variety of styles and brands of soccer balls.


What is mob soccer?

Mob soccer was a particularly violent game that emerged between villages between the seventh and ninth century. The aim of the game was that one village had to force a ball towards the center square of the opposing village. The game and competition between the two villages eventually became so violent that the neighboring towns and villages had to block their windows and take cover. Historians say that everything was allowed and that only manslaughter or murder was the only restriction to the game.

What is the oldest soccer competition in the world?

The FA Cup or the Football Association Challenge Cup is the oldest soccer competition in the world. It was first commenced in 1871 and it was a competition between different teams from the English football league. The league included the Coca-Cola Football League, the Premier League and the lower levels. The FA Cup also had an FA Cup for Women.

 Soccer - npower Football League One - Charlton Athletic v Oldham Athletic - The Valley

These are just some interesting facts about soccer. As you have read above, it really has a very long and colorful history. Did these facts help you learn more? Did it make you love and appreciate soccer as you know it now?

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